The New Orleans Hospitality Workers Committee is an organization created by and for hospitality workers. We fight for our long overdue rights using the power of collective struggle. Under the guidance of labor history we know that an organized workforce is how workers win. This city has 100,000 hospitality workers, organized & united we have the power to shut this city down. If we all went on strike tomorrow the money would stop flowing, and our bosses and representatives would have no choice but to adhere to our demands.

We are opposed to all forms of oppression such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. We support full rights & protections for our immigrant co workers. We understand our bosses use tactics that weaponize forms of discrimination to further divide workers, we must stand firm against these divisive tactics. The committee respects black, brown, women, and LGBTQ workers and welcomes them to take on leadership in the organization.

Our purpose is to organize our fellow hospitality workers so that we may secure just working conditions in our industry --- wages we can live on, benefits to support our families and freedom from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Only through organizing will we be able to demand a better future for hospitality workers. We fight for better working conditions, both for workers currently in the industry and the children in the community who will inherit the industry.



There are roughly 100,000 hospitality workers in New Orleans, placing the hospitality industry among the city’s largest employers. Our labor produces billions of dollars in profits for restaurant and hotel owners, brings in millions of tourists every year and holds up the economy of New Orleans. Yet too often our jobs pay poverty wages, offer few benefits and provide no security as we age.


A group of us came together in January of 2017 and discussed what we wanted as workers. Through this discussion we created the Bill of Rights.


Many folks wonder if we are a nonprofit or strive to become a nonprofit. The answer is no. Being sanctioned by the state and having to adhere to various policies that come with being a register 501(c)3 are unnecessary barriers for accomplishing our goals. All members take time out their schedules to do this work and receive no type of compensation for this work. With that being said, we respect when committee members need to take personal time.


We are a hate free group and all issues of oppressed people are our issues because workers are made up of all types of people. No type of hate or harassment will be tolerated. If someone cannot respect this or our meeting structures, you will be asked to leave.


It is also important to note, that we are more than just a group of workers fighting for a better life. We are a movement. This work is hard and this battle will be long.


In 2016 alone, housekeepers, valets, front desk clerks, and all others in the hospitality industry generated $7 billion for New Orleans. However, this money did not go into the pockets of workers, and certainly not back into the community. Instead, it went into the pockets of the hospitality bosses and corporations, many of whom live far away from Louisiana.

New Orleans depends on hospitality and tourism, it depends on our labor. Our current conditions include:

-Low wages

-No childcare

-No paid sick leave

-No pension

-No parking

-Undocumented workers receiving less than minimum wage

-Slow and unreliable transportation

-No vacation time

-Racist harassment

-Sexual harassment

-LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual) harassment

-No maternity leave (paid or unpaid)

The New Orleans economy rests almost entirely on our restaurants and hotels, we are different than every other city in the United States. However, hospitality workers in most other major cities are unionized and receiving the conditions they deserve. We need to get organized. As one New Orleans organizer said, “If we can organize social pleasure clubs (krewes and second lines), then we can organize as workers.”

This is a space for workers all over the city to speak their issues and realize the consequences of the unfair treatment they are receiving. We have created a Workers Bill of Rights to bring to New Orleans lawmakers, propose law creation and reformation, and use our numbers to support and advocate for workers laboring in unjust conditions. Join the fight. The time is now.


Es usted un(a) trabajador(a) de la hospitalidad en Nueva Orleans? Somos 88,000 personas en Nuevo Orleans que trabajamos en hospitalidad. El año pasado, generamos US $ 7 mil millones de dólares, pero este dinero no entra en nuestros bolsillos  ni fluye en la comunidad-entra en los bolsillos de los jefes de la hospitalidad y las corporaciones. Esta ciudad se sostiene con nuestro trabajo.
Nuestras condiciones actuales son:
-Salarios bajos
-No cuidado de los niños
-No nos pagan dias de ausencia por enfermedad  
-No nos otorgan pensiones
-No nos proporcionan estacionamientos
-Los trabajadores indocumentados reciben menos del salario mínimo
-Transporte lento y poco fiable
-No dias de vacaciones
-Acoso racial
-Acoso sexual
-LGBTQIA (Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales, Transexuales, Queer, Intersexuales, Asexuales) Acoso
-No licencia de maternidad (remunerada o no)
A diferencia de la mayoría de las ciudades de los Estados Unidos, la economía de Nueva Orleáns descansa casi enteramente en nuestros restaurantes y hoteles. Esto no se puede decir para otras ciudades de los Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, los hoteles y otros negocios de hospitalidad en otras ciudades se sindicalizan y reciben las condiciones que merecen. Tenemos que organizarnos. Como dijo un organizador revolucionario de Nueva Orleans: "Si podemos organizar clubes de placer social, entonces podemos organizarnos como trabajadores".
Este es un espacio para que los trabajadores de toda la ciudad traigan sus problemas y vean las consecuencias por el trato injusto que reciben. Nos uniremos para crear una Declaración de Derechos de los Trabajadores para traer a los legisladores de Nueva Orleans, proponer otras leyes necesarias y usar nuestros números para apoyar a los trabajadores que enfrentan condiciones injustas.
Únete a la lucha. El tiempo es ahora.


Eske w se yon travayè ospitalite nan New Orleans?
•    Eske ou te konnen gayen 88,000 moun tankou ou? Lavil la konte sou travay nou.
•    La endistri touris e ospitalite fe $7 bilyon chak ane. Chak travayè jenere $100,000 chak ane pou la endistri touris e ospitalite.
•    Prèske pa gen kòb ke ale nan kominote nou!
•    La ekonomi nan New Orleans depann sou restoran e otèl- 
sa fè New Orleans diferan nan ozetazini.
•    Otèl, restoran e lot biznis ospitalite nan lot lavil gen inyon. Poukisa nou pa reyini ansanm pou fe inyon pa nou?
•    Nou pa resevwa ase lajan pou travay nou!
•    Anpil nan nou pa resevwa benefis tankou: jou peye pou maladi, travay ki san danje, repo e tan pou maje nan travay, e pansyon.
•    Nou gaspiye tan ap tann bus la. Nou pa gen okenn kote pou pake machin nou. Anpil nan nou ap soufri anba bòdwo!
•    Nou pa gen chwa. Nou ap travay anba moun ki ap abize nou (seksyèl e rasis). Yo voye nou jete lè nou avanse nan laj.
•    Nou bezwen met men ansanm pou resevwa sa nou merite. L’union fait la force.

Jwenn ak Travayè Ospitalite de New Orleans (New Orleans Hospitality Workers Committee)!