Bill of Rights


1. Parking and Public Transportation: Employees are either provided with a free parking spot that is a close, safe distance away from the workplace or with a voucher for public transportation. Public transportation will be reliable and running at times when workers are going to and from work.

2. Wages: Employees are able to make a livable base wage of $15 an hour.

3. Breaks: Employees are able to take a paid break if they want.

4. Affordable Childcare and Maternity Leave: Employers will provide affordable childcare to employees who have children. Mothers will receive paid maternity leave and are guaranteed reemployment.  

5. Sick Pay: Every worker is guaranteed paid sick days without retaliation.

6. Meals: Employers must provide their employees with a balanced, healthy meal free of cost.

7. Scheduling and Hours: Employees are given a predictable weekly schedule and the option of either part-time or full-time work.

8. Harassment: Employees work in an environment free of all forms of discrimination based on one’s disability, race, sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, language, or nationality. Management is also responsible for protecting and stopping their employees from being harassed by customers.

9. Protect Immigrants: Employers protect employees from ICE raids and declare their establishment as a sanctuary.

10. Pensions: Workers receive a livable monthly pension after aging out of the industry.

11. Healthcare: Employees have access to affordable healthcare.

12. Wage Theft: Employees are protected from wage theft.

13. Vacation Time: Employers provide their employees with paid vacation time. 

14. Comprehensive Emergency Plan: When there is a natural disaster approaching, workers must be given the opportunity to evacuate without repercussions from their bosses. Workers must receive compensation from their employer for the missed shifts caused by the natural disaster. If a worker chooses to stay and work during a predicted disaster, then they must be provided with transportation, food, and accommodation.