Work Week Ordinance

This ordinance, in varying forms, has been passed by multiple cities including Seattle, San Francisco, Emeryville, San Jose, Washington D.C., and New York City. The ordinance recognizes that hospitality workers need to know when they are working to properly schedule childcare, doctor’s appointments, other necessary appointments, transportation, school, and if they have a second job. It is in the general interest of the entire city that service workers health be protected and that workers who are ill are not forced to work. It is also in the interest of the entire city that parents have stable employment that is family friendly and enables parents to participate in and provide a stable involved relationship


The Hospitality Workers Committee has collected over 3000 signatures from workers and is working to build mass community support. Want to help in this effort? Sign the petition, help get petition signatures from your co workers, friends, and family, arrange a presentation through the HWC for your co workers, community organization, church, etc. Show up in support when city council puts the Work Week Ordinance on the agenda, give a statement in support. But most of all fellow hospitality workers come organize with us!

Specifically, we call for the passage of the following Worker and Community Work Week Ordinance to apply to all places of employment:


  • Requirement of all employers to provide a work schedule 14 days in advance.
  • Should employers ask an employee to change days worked or alter the schedule that is posted an employee may voluntarily accept or reject the offer without retaliation.
  • Should the employee voluntarily accept the schedule change without 14 days’ notice, the employee will be paid a $100 premium for doing so.
  • Employers shall not schedule workers without a 12-hour rest period between shifts.
  • Employers shall not schedule workers to shift from day to night without the worker’s consent.
  • All workers shall receive 12 paid sick days a year.
  • Employers shall consider the need for parents to attend meetings with teachers or counselors as in the interest of the entire city and shall not refuse employee’s request or a scheduling change.
  • Pregnant workers who an perform their duties shall not be subjected to harassment to leave and shall be guaranteed reemployment at an equal job when able to return to work.
  • A commission shall be created to adjudicate claims.
  • If found guilty of violating the ordinance, employers shall make employee whole and be fined $1,000 for the first offense, $2,000 for the second, and $5,000 for any subsequent offenses.